What is Blogtober

What is Blogtober?

Hello Blogtober, you're wonderful.
Hello Blogtober!

We are now one week into Blogtober and so far I’m keeping up with it. Phew! Until a few weeks ago I’d never even heard of Blogtober so what on earth possessed me to give it a try? And what exactly is Blogtober?

Blogtober is just as it sounds, it is a month of blogging done in October. Every year, bloggers all over the world publish a blog every single day throughout the month of October. This is a great way to build the content that you have on your site so if you are relatively new to blogging then Blogtober would be an excellent event for you to join in with. Don’t worry though, there’s no pressure to post every day unless you want to. Some bloggers do one a week, two a week, one every other day or whatever suits them. The main aim is to increase your blogging through October.

Why Should I Increase My Blogging?

Increasing the number of blogs you post will have a range of benefits. For one thing, search engines like fresh content to be added to websites so if you are adding blogs to your site on a more regular basis then your site is more likely to be picked up in searches.

If your blog site is new then taking part in Blogtober is a great way to build up content and start to build a readership, again getting found in searches will be key to this. You will need to make sure that you are thoroughly researching relevant keywords to help with the search engine optimisation.

As blogs are quite an informal style of writing, blogging allows you the freedom to express yourself in a more relaxed way. They will give you the opportunity to answer your reader’s questions and demonstrate your expertise.

What Can I Blog About?

There is a whole range of topics that you could blog about to successfully post every day in October. You could pick a theme and as you would expect autumn, Halloween and half-term are popular themes. You could also cover significant days, weeks or months from October. Days of the year lists all the awareness dates so you can easily find the ones that suit you.

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Blogtober: What is it & what to write about.

Here are 31 October blog topics to get you started:


Favourite Things About Autumn – I kicked off the month by blogging about my favourite things about autumn such as favourite traditions, Halloween movies and autumn accessories. You can read the full post here.

Autumn Foods – You could share some of your favourite recipes for things like soups, bread, chilli or other hearty dishes that suit the changing weather.

Autumn Drinks – You could theme this around the place to get coffee, make your own coffee, other hot drinks, cocktails, whatever grabs your fancy.

Autumn Activities – A roundup of your favourite rainy day activities like this one or a ‘how to’ guide for a specific activity,

Autumn Accessories – Your favourite accessories for you, the kids, the dog, the home, the garden, so many options here.


Halloween Food – Share your Halloween buffet recipes, eyeballs & worms anyone (also known as spaghetti & meatballs)?

Halloween Decorations – Where to buy the best ones or instructions on how to make your own.

Halloween Costumes – DIY or shop-bought for mum, dad, the kids & the dog

Halloween Activities – What are your family traditions for Halloween? Are there places you go to every year or things you do to make it special?

Halloween Films – Again you could split this into themes: kid-friendly, animated, gorefest, mild frights etc.

Halloween Playlist – What’s songs are on your Halloween party playlist?

Places to Pick Pumpkins – A roundup of all the pumpkin patches in your area.

How to Carve a Pumpkin – You could give step by step instructions with photos, you could even include templates to download.

Food & Drink

Pumpkin Recipes – What can you make with the leftover pumpkin bits?

Slow Cooker Recipes – Your favourite easy & hearty dishes for those cold nights.

Healthy Comfort Foods – When it’s cold and wet outside we love nothing more than snuggling up indoors, what are your go-to snacks or comfort foods?

Significant Dates

Black History Month – October is Black History Month, you could blog about local events to mark this, local people of significance, figures from history who may not be well known, icons, role models, etc.

International Coffee Day – Your favourite recipe for coffee cake or a cup of coffee, or a roundup of local coffee shops.

International Day of the Girl – In 2021 it will be held on Monday 11th October but you could also blog about how you are getting involved with Festival of the Girl which runs throughout October.

Spreadsheet Day – Not necessarily a sexy topic but I’m sure most of us use a spreadsheet for something interesting. I’ll be blogging about my Social Media Planner & Tracker which is launching at the beginning of November.

Vodka Day – Share your favourite vodka-based cocktails, write about the history of vodka or where you can get artisan or locally produced vodka.

Mental Health Day – Your own experiences, tips on how to deal with mental health, where to seek help with mental health, local and national places of support.


BlogOn – If you are an avid blogger then you have probably heard about BlogOn. You could write about your experience of it as I did here.

Harvest Festival – Have your children been taking part in Harvest Festival? What is Harvest Festival? Your local food bank and what help they need.

Half Term Activities – Arts & crafts, local events, activities or anything else that you are doing during half term.

Local Events – A roundup of everything happening this month or this autumn in your local area.

An Organised Life

Christmas Gift Guides – Yes, I said it. Now is the time to be writing your Christmas gift guides so that people can find them when they start looking for inspiration.

Bloggers To Follow – A roundup of all the blogs you like to read and bloggers you like to follow on social media. You never know, they may give you a shout out in return.

Money-Saving Tips – Generally a good topic at this time of year in the run-up to Christmas but even more relevant this year because of the removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift, massively increasing gas and electricity prices, rising food costs and no real pay increases. More and more people are having to tighten their belts so share with them ways they can do this.

Getting Your Car Winter Ready – A roundup of what people need to do to keep themselves, their families and others safe on the roads this winter.

Family Organisation – The children are hopefully settled back into the school routine by now and life is busy again, share how you keep yourself and your family organised.

What will you be blogging about this Blogtober? Let me know in the comments.

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