Non-Scary Halloween Movies For Children

Non-Scary Halloween Movies for Children

Halloween is fast approaching and if your household is anything like mine, your children will want to start watching Halloween movies but knowing which ones to watch without terrifying them can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. All of these movies are loved by one or both of my children. Here are 10 of our favourite non-scary Halloween movies for children.


1995. This classic tale tells the story of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Starring a young Christina Ricci as Kat who, with her father, moves into the house that Casper and his uncles haunt. Casper falls in love with Kat and for one night only becomes human again so they can share a tender kiss before he becomes a ghost again.


2017. Inspired by the Day of the Dead festival, Miguel is accidentally transported to the Land of the Dead. It is then up to his deceased relatives to help him to return to the land of the living.


1984. Another classic where three professors set up a new emergency service: The Ghostbusters, in New York. Who are you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!

Hocus Pocus

1993. The Sandersons sisters lure a young girl into their cottage so that they can steal her youth. Her brother follows and tries to stop them from killing her but they spot him and turn him into a cat. Just before the sisters are executed for witchcraft, one of them casts a spell that they will be resurrected on All Hallows Eve if the Black Flame Candle is lit by a virgin. The boy who was turned into a cat spends the next 300 years preventing anyone from lighting the candle.

Hotel Transylvania

2012. Several monsters live in Hotel Transylvania which is a haven for monsters to come and relax. One day a human teenage boy accidentally discovers the hotel and falls in love with Dracula’s teenage daughter.

Monster Family

2017. A family are going to a Halloween fancy dress party, they go dressed as a mummy, a vampire, Frankenstesin’s monster and a werewolf. Count Dracula orders one of his bats to curse them so that they transform into their characters.

Room on The Broom

2012. This adaptation of the popular Julia Donaldson book tells the story of a witch who is flying about on her broomstick. On her journey, she loses some of her belongings and various creatures help her find them. She invites them to come along with her on her journey.

Scooby-Doo The Movie

2002. Mystery Incorporated is a group of 4 young adults and a talking dog who solve mysteries. They are called upon to solve a mystery at a tropical island hotel.

Toy Story of Terror

2013, A short, 21 minute installment from the lovable characters of the Toy Story franchise. The toys are on a road trip when Mr Potato Head goes missing. As the other toys try to find him, they uncover a conspiricy.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of The Were-Rabbit

2005. Everyones favourite plascticine characters, Wallace and Gromit take on the role of pest control experts who are called upon to protect their village from vegetable eating pests. The village is preparing for the giant vegetable competition and Wallace and Gromit find themselves up against the big bunny.

We love watching these Halloween movies and some of them get watched all year round. With services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, you are bound to be able to find lots of choice for non frightening Halloween movies for your little ones.

What are your favourite Halloween movies? Let me know in the comments.

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