A BlogOn Guide for Newbies

A BlogOn Guide for Newbies

I was fortunate enough to go to the BlogOn Conference this year at The Coppid Beech Hotel, Bracknell. I had heard about it from some of the ladies in the Top Blog Coaching Membership: Hobby to Heyday and it sounded fantastic! I was a bit nervous about going because compared to most of the attendees, … Read more

Dinner at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Magor

Wheatsheaf Inn Magor Review

In my first foray back into some kind of normality I went for dinner at The Wheatsheaf Inn Magor, Monmouthshire with the family during May Bank Holiday Weekend. Having spent so much time cooped up at home I was nervous about going out but once we were out it felt wonderfully normal to stroll to … Read more

What is a Post Covid Butlin’s Break really like?

Post Covid Butlin's Header

So what is a post covid Butlin’s break really like? I went for a week at Butlin’s Minehead with my husband and two children (aged 7 and 2 at the time of visiting) in summer 2020 and again in summer 2021. Our 2020 break was just a week after they reopened from Lockdown 1, arriving … Read more