About Us

The name Unicorns, Dinosaurs & Me came from my children’s love of unicorns and dinosaurs. For the purpose of the blog, my daughter is referred to as Unicorn and my son as Dinosaur then there’s my husband who will be referred to as Daddy Dino (or hubby) and last but not least, the latest addition to the family of Millie, the rescued Siberian Husky. We are a family of four living in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, read on to find out more about us.

Hubby and I met at university in London in 2004 and then we married in 2009. Unicorn came along in 2012 which was fabulous timing as we were still living in London so I could pop off to watch some of the Paralympics during my maternity leave! Dinosaur came along in 2017 and has been a total whirlwind since the moment he arrived! He was overdue but when he did decide to make an appearance, he went for it and was born in a speedy 52 minutes!

About Me

I am Nikki, a freelance copywriter, blogger and mum of two. I love an ampersand (&), the colour pink, anything glittery or sparkly and all things unicorn! I also like to drink Prosecco and cocktails.

When I’m not running around after my family I spend my time blogging, copywriting for small businesses and running a holistic networking group for female entrepreneurs in and around the Forest of Dean. I love living here and am trying to gradually work my way around all the wonderful businesses and attractions that the forest has to offer.

Head over to the Work With Me page to find out how I can help you with your business writing needs.

Nikki Knight
It’s me!

About The Unicorn

My daughter (not really called Unicorn) loves unicorns, her friends and spending time with her family. She’s a bit of a smart cookie and loves school, lockdown was really hard for her because she missed everything about school and learning at home just wasn’t the same.

She likes to be creative and is an absolute genius when it comes to Lego! She’ll have a go at anything and everything but will soon let you know if she doesn’t like it.

About The Dinosaur

My son (not really called Dinosaur) is your stereotypical boy. He loves to be dirty and the dirtier the better, When he comes home from preschool filthy, we know he’s had a good day. He knows more about dinosaurs than most adults I know and cannot walk past a dog without asking if he can stroke it!

He likes to do arty activities, play outside and absolutely loves a story! Lockdown was really good for him and he thrived getting to spend so much time with his sister. As there are 5 years between them, he was desperate to do everything she could which meant his physical skills and language ability developed exceedingly quickly!

Daddy Dino

My husband will be popping up from time to time to write but will generally spend his time helping to review things and taking photos.


Millie is a 7-year-old Siberian Husky. She came to us on Father’s Day 2021 from Saints Sled Dog Rescue. She is an absolute sweetheart and settled into family life remarkably quickly. She can usually be found sleeping in her day bed next to me when I work, chasing around the garden with the kids or looking for attention as she is a big softie who loves a tummy rub.

She likes to join us out and about and we are always looking for dog and family-friendly days out so she can some too. As she is a husky and they have a high prey drive and practically no recall, she has to stay on her lead when we are out but when we take her to the secure dog field, she moves like a rocket and sounds like a racehorse!