Where Did The Name Unicorns, Dinosaurs & Me Come From?

The name Unicorns, Dinosaurs & Me came from my daughter’s love of unicorns and my son’s love of dinosaurs. I also have a deep love for unicorns, in fact, I want to be a unicorn when I grow up! The choice to use an ampersand (&) instead of the word ‘and’ is down to my other love for the ampersand. I think it is the most beautiful punctuation mark there is because it’s so cute and curly. In fact, I have plans to get an ampersand tattoo in the not-too-distant future.

For the purpose of the blog, my daughter is referred to as Unicorn and my son as Dinosaur then there’s my husband who will be referred to as Daddy Dino (or hubby) hence the name Unicorns, Dinosaurs & Me!

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