Childhood Cancer

Friday 4th February is World Cancer Day. Ironically, in 2022, this was the day our world changed literally overnight as we found out that our youngest child had developed childhood cancer. More specifically, our little boy was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL).

He started 2022 with Covid and just didn’t seem to get better. We now know that as he recovered from the virus, he was starting to display the classic symptoms of blood cancer.

His symptoms were extreme fatigue (one day he fell asleep in the garden at preschool in January), unexplained bruising, night sweats, constant infections and fevers, bone and joint pain and shortness of breath. Throughout January 2022 I called NHS111 twice, visited our GP twice, took him to our local urgent care centre once and visited A&E. The A&E visit was the final contact we had with the NHS prior to diagnosis.

The posts in this category are all about how we as a family are dealing with the news, the charities that have helped us, things we have learnt along the way and advice for parents who sadly find themselves following in our footsteps and people encountering childhood cancer such as friends and relatives.

Writing about it has been hugely beneficial to my mental health as it has given me a non-judgemental outlet for my feelings as I have come to terms with my son’s diagnosis. Needless to say, a childhood cancer diagnosis is a huge rollercoaster of emotions for the whole family, there’s so much to come to terms with.

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Starting or returning to school during cancer treatment

We all know that starting school can be a daunting prospect both for the child and for the parents, add to that a cancer diagnosis and ongoing treatment and it gets even more daunting. There are so many more things to consider. My son started Reception when he reached long-term maintenance in treatment for ALL …

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Emily’s Gift – A New Children’s Cancer Charity

Recently, the Dinosaur and I have been involved in promoting a new charity in Gloucestershire called Emily’s Gift operating under the umbrella of the Pied Piper Appeal. Their aim is simple: raise £500,000 in one year to fund psychological support for ten years for the families of the children’s oncology unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. …

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Children With Cancer

Christmas is fast approaching so it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Children with cancer may end up spending some time in the hospital during the festive period either for a planned treatment or an unplanned stay if they pick up an infection. It’s never fun being in the hospital but being in the …

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