The Best Family-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

The children have gone back to school, the leaves are starting to turn, the days are getting shorter and we are on the verge of Autumn. That means that we are going to be having a lot more rainy days in the coming months. If your children are anything like mine then they need things to do to keep them occupied when it’s just too wet to play outside. Luckily if you find yourself asking “what are good rainy day activities?” then this list is for you. Here I share the best family-friendly rainy day activities that are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and for older kids too.

The Best Family-Friendly Rainy Day Activities Pin.
The Best Family-Friendly Rainy Day Activities.

Home Cinema

With so many streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney Plus, it couldn’t be easier to turn your front room into your own private cinema and settle down to watch your favourite film or box set. Why not add to your home cinema experience with some healthy snacks like these suggestions from

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Make Slime

Children have been obsessed with slime for ages and it’s even easier to make than ever before. When the slime trend started it could be tricky to get the right ingredients to make a good, stretchy and gloopy slime but now with child-friendly recipes here. If baking isn’t your forte then a baking club might be the answer to your prayers. It’s Me Chrissy J, shares her experience of a junior baking club here.

Board Games

Board games are a classic way to pass the time and are great for getting your children to spend time away from screens and actually talking to you. Personally, I love the range of educational games for children from Pinterest is your friend here, there are thousands of suggestions for junk modelling.

Build a Fort or Den

Children love building their own den or fort in the house. In fact, this is a fun activity for the grown-ups too, remember the Friends boys in Chandler and Joey’s apartment or Amy and Sheldon in Big Bang Theory? You can easily and quickly make a den by throwing a blanket over a table or a couple of chairs but if you want to get even more creative, Hobbycraft sells these cardboard colour in playhouses that are two activities in one.

Carpet Picnic

This activity fits in really well with the baking activity and the den building activity. You could pack up a picnic of all your homemade goodies as though you were off out on an adventure and instead of just sitting down to eat it straight away, you could walk around your house imagining you are on an adventure then eat your picnic in the den you built.

Lounge Camping

For children there’s something really exciting about sleeping somewhere different so why not have a sleepover adventure in your lounge? Make a den, pitch a small tent or just put up some camp beds and sleep in the living room for a change of scenery. You could even pretend to have a campfire and sing songs or tell stories to really set the mood.

Home Spa

Children need to have a wash on a regular basis because let’s face it, they can be pretty disgusting at times! Every so often we like to make bath times a little bit special by having a bath bomb, these ones from The Fizzy Fairy are our favourites, some music or a story, and a bath light or two like easy to make recipe.

A Pinterest pin for a salt dough recipe.
Best Salt Dough Recipe Pin.

Salt Dough

As the next step from making your own play dough, you could make your own salt dough. Once it has been moulded into the desired form, bake it gently in the oven, leave to cooler then paint and decorate. This is a brilliant activity for making keepsakes and gifts, babies footprint and handprint anyone? Or for making ornaments and decorations for Christmas, Easter, Halloween or any other occasion. Have a look at my easy salt dough recipe here.

Make Bird Feeders

As the colder weather draws in, a great activity to do is make bird feeders with your children. Once made, hang them up outside and then you can have even more fun by working out which birds you can see coming to eat them.

A Pinterest Pin For A Bird Feeder

Easy To Make Fat Balls for Birds

Make these bird feeders and hang them outside your window to see the birds enjoy your creation.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cooling Time 2 hrs
Course Non Edible
Cuisine Non Edible


  • Saucepan
  • Spoon
  • Paper Cups
  • Scissors
  • String


  • 200 g Wild Bird Seed
  • 100 g Suet


  • Carefully pierce holes in the bottom of the cups and thread string through. This will allow you to hang them up afterwards.
  • Add the bird seed and suet to the pan and heat gently whilst stirring until the suet has melted.
  • Once melted, stuff the mixture tightly into the cup making sure that the string is hanging out of then middle.
  • Put the cups into the fridge or the freezer to cool.
  • Once cooled, carefully cut away the cup and hang it outside. Make sure it's not too close to the ground to protect the birds from cats.
Keyword Bird Feeder, Craft

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