What is Blogtober?

What is Blogtober

We are now one week into Blogtober and so far I’m keeping up with it. Phew! Until a few weeks ago I’d never even heard of Blogtober so what on earth possessed me to give it a try? And what exactly is Blogtober? Blogtober is just as it sounds, it is a month of blogging … Read more

The basics you will need to write for your business.

The Basics You Need to Write for Your Business.

When you are a small business owner then you will inevitably have to write things for your business. Even if you hate writing you are going to have to do it at some point before you can outsource but the chances are, even when you are outsourcing the bulk of your business writing, you will … Read more

Blogging Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

Blogging Doesn't Have to be Hard

If you run a business, are you blogging? If you are, great! You’re doing an amazing job! If you’re not, why? Blogging doesn’t have to be hard and I suspect the reason you’re not is for one of these four reasons: You don’t know why you need to You don’t know what to write about … Read more