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Keeping Your Car Safe With A GPS Tracker

Did you know that in the UK, a car is stolen every 5 minutes? (Data from FOI request to Office of National Statistics by CMA). Every. 5. Minutes. If you, like me, rely on your car then that is probably a very scary piece of information. So, how do you keep your car safe? A GPS tracker may be just what you need.

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Inside The Box Of The PAJ GPS Tracker
Inside the box of the PAJ GPS Tracker

The Benefits Of A GPS Tracker

I was keen to get a GPS tracker for my car after reading an article from What Car? who recently revealed the top 10 most stolen car types in the UK. I was horrified to discover that my car came in second place. That is not a silver medal I ever want to win!

The PAJ Power Finder 4G Find & Protect car GPS tracker is an easy-to-install tracker for your vehicle. It boasts the following features:

  • 4G network coverage
  • Live tracking via the app
  • Excellent battery life
  • Approximately 40 days of battery life
  • Easy magnetic installation
  • 100 days of data logging
  • Data connections for over 100 countries
  • Speed alerts
  • Radius alerts
  • Motion alerts
  • An alarm when the device is removed

The PAJ GPS Tracker

The PAJ GPS tracker is very easy to install in your vehicle, it houses a strong magnet and a mounting plate which is held in your vehicle with extremely strong double-sided tape. Once you have selected a location for the mounting plate and stuck it in place, the GPS tracker sits on top and is held in place with the magnet.

It’s worth pointing out that in order to use the PAJ GPS Tracker you will need to pay a subscription for the Finder Portal. The Finder Portal subscription can be purchased monthly, annually or bi-annually for £5.99 per month, £54.99 per year or £89.99 per two years (prices correct July 2022).

Size Of The PAJ GPS Tracker
The PAJ GPS Tracker

Other Trackers

PAJ don’t just sell vehicle trackers, they have a wide range of GPS trackers suitable for a whole host of tracking needs. They have trackers for your other possessions such as bags or luggage, you can get a tracker for your dog which is particularly handy if your dog is a breed such a husky who afre notorious for their high prey drive and you can also get trackers that you can use to help you keep your loved ones safe.

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