How to Have a North Pole Breakfast

How to Have A North Pole Breakfast

If you have heard of Elf on The Shelf (read my Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas article here) then you have probably heard of a North Pole Breakfast. Yes, yet another thing that your elves need to get up to! This article will show you exactly how you can create a magical North Pole Breakfast for your family.

What is a North Pole Breakfast

A North Pole Breakfast or Elf on the Shelf Breakfast is a special breakfast to celebrate your elves. You could have a North Pole Breakfast to mark their arrival, to say goodbye to them at the end or somewhere in the middle to just do something different! As elves have a sweet tooth then you will usually find quite a few sugary treats but I also like to make sure we have healthy foods in ours as well.

North Pole Breakfast Decorations

To make this meal stand out from other breakfasts, you are going to want to add decorations and festive table settings. Some great ideas to make your table look the part are:

  • Festive tablecloth
  • Children’s festive plates, bowls and cups
  • Colour in placemats
  • Chargers to put plates on
  • Fairy lights. Battery operated ones are handy to eliminate trip hazards around the table
  • Festive cutlery holders
  • Festive napkins
  • Small ornaments or other cristmas decorations
  • A mini christmas tree
  • Cake stands
  • Crackers
  • Glittery glasses
  • Christmas themed salt and pepper shakers

North Pole Breakfast Food Ideas

I like to offer a range of healthy and sweet treats in our North Pole Breakfasts. My favourites are:

Grinch Fruit Kebabs

These are quick and simple to make. Just add a green grape for the head to a cocktail stick, then add a raspberry for the hat and finally finish off with a white mini marshmallow for the pompom on the end. I’ve served mine with strawberries that have been dusted with gold cake decorators lustre.

North Pole Breakfast Grinch fruit Kebabs
Grinch mini fruit kebabs
Christmas Toast

Use cookie cutters to shape your bread into festive shapes ready for toasting. Save the offcuts to use as breadcrumbs in your stuffing.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas: Christmas Toast
Santa toast topped off with chocolate spread and a mini marshmallow.
Christmas Crumpets

Lots of supermarkets now do festive shaped crumpets like these ones from Morrisons.

Christmas crumpets
Christmas crumpets
Snowman Pancakes

Another quick and simple thing you can easily whip up is snowman pancakes. Place 2 small pancakes on the plate in a snowman shape. Decorate with chocolate chips and squirty cream.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas: snowman pancakes
Snowman pancakes are so quick and easy.
Fruit Candy Cane

This is a really easy and also healthy thing to make for your children. Simply slice a banana and some strawberries then alternate the slices onto a plate in a candy cane shape.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas: a banana and strawberry candy cane
A healthy candy cane!
Festive Bakes

If you are feeling particularly creative then you could create your own festive bakes or alternatively you could buy pre-made baked goodies like these.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas: Festive themed bakes
Festive bakes

If you’ve ever seen the film Elf then you know that elves have a very sweet tooth. As such you will probably want to serve up things like giant marshmallows as snowballs, Christmas themed confectionery or chocolate coins.


As this is a special breakfast then you are going to want something special to drink. For the grownups, I would serve Bucks Fizz and for the little ones you could create mocktails/smoothies, serve something like Shloer or keep an eye out for a fancy children’s drink.

A drop of unicorn tears sparkling fruit juice for the children

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