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Alton Towers Resort CBeebies Land Hotel Review

The CBeebies Hotel is inspired by the CBeebies children’s television channel and is part of Alton Towers Resort, one of the biggest and best theme parks in the UK. Alton Towers theme park is in the scenic valley village of Alton in Staffordshire and is home to Alton Towers amusement park with its several iconic roller coasters, a water park with an outdoor tropical lagoon, a quirky collection of cottages known as the Enchanted Village, three resort hotels (Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel and the CBeebies Land Hotel), the iconic Roller Coaster restaurant and Extraordinary Golf.

During the May half-term, we were lucky enough to have a 2-night and 3-day stay at the Staffordshire-based theme park thanks to Make-a-Wish. Here is our review of the colourful world of the CBeebies Land Hotel.

What age is CBeebies Land Hotel for?

This whimsical hotel is aimed at families with preschool children as the channel itself is aimed at this age range. Having said that, my children were 5 and 10 years old at the time we visited and they both loved it. From the decor, themed rooms, live shows and exclusive entertainment to the delicious buffet breakfast in the Windmill Restaurant, there are so many friendly features that this is a great place to stay for young families.

A Family Of Four Outside The Alton Towers Resort CBeebies Land Hotel
My 10-year-old and 5-year-old were thrilled to be staying at the CBeebies Land Hotel!

Are park tickets included in CBeebies Land Hotel?

Park tickets are not included in your booking but they do run an offer where you can buy tickets for your first day and then get your second day in the theme park for free. Hotel guests do receive a car park ticket free of charge.

Where is the CBeebies Land Hotel?

As you arrive at the main entrance to the resort, follow signs for the hotels and you will find all the hotels at the back of the park. The CBeebies Land Hotel is the furthest hotel from the main theme park entrance and also the monorail which takes you to the main entrance. The monorail is a short walk from the hotel and will take you about 5 minutes at toddler speed.

How far is the CBeebies Hotel from CBeebies Land?

The CBeebies Land Hotel is just over a mile away from the CBeebies Land zone of the theme park. There is a monorail from the car parks and hotels that takes you straight to the theme park entrance. The monorail is about a 5-minute walk at toddler speed from the hotel and the main theme park entrance is again about a 5-minute walk at toddler speed from the CBeebies Land area of Alton Towers.

Is CBeebies Land the same entrance as Alton Towers?

The CBeebies Land area of the theme park is accessed via the main theme park entrance. There is a footpath that runs between the theme park and the hotels but it is about a one and half mile walk so I wouldn’t advise this if you have very young children or those with disabilities. We accessed the park via the monorail which is fully wheelchair accessible but they do advise guests to fold pushchairs to keep the queue moving faster. The monorail queue is usually around 45 minutes at peak times (from the car parks towards the entrance in the morning and from the theme park back to the car parks at the end of the day).

The car park for the hotel is accessed via the main road entrance to the car parks, it is clearly signposted. The CBeebies Land Hotel car park got very busy when we were there but as we arrived around the same time as the theme park opened and we have a disabled parking badge, we didn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to park.

Is CBeebies Land Hotel worth it?

Yes! As a special treat, it is something that I would book and pay for myself as there is so much to see and do and it certainly created wonderful family memories for us. From the moment you arrive outside and see the brightly coloured lit rainbow archway over the entrance to the moment you leave your family will be immersed in the world of CBeebies.

There are lots of different rooms all themed around your children’s favourite characters such as Postman Pat, CBeebies Bugbies, a Swashbuckle room, an In the Night Garden Room, Something Special/Mr Tumble Room and an Octonauts room. We stayed in an Octonauts room which had a double bed for the grown-ups, a separate area for the children to sleep with bunk beds, an extra pull-out bed and a children’s entertainment wall with interactive play items that are themed to the room. Other key features are free Wi-Fi, a mini fridge, children’s toilet seats built into the main toilet seat and baby baths in every room.

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