20 Easy Halloween Crafts

20 Easy Halloween Crafts

Children love to craft but parents hate the mess or long and complicated crafts that have to be done in stages because the children get bored waiting. Here are some of our favourite easy Halloween crafts that create a minimal mess.

No Mess Easy Halloween Crafts

Does what it says on the tin, absolutely no mess for you to tidy up.

Easy Halloween Crafts with A Tiny Mess

Only a small amount of mess to clear up but nothing too drastic.

The Biggest (but still small) Mess

These are the activities that will involve a small amount of tidying but it won’t be excessive. This will be things like picking up small pieces of paper or wiping up glue stick residue.

Easy Halloween Crafts That Are Only For The Brave

These ones I can’t describe as mess-free, especially if your children are like mine but they are fun and if you let them do it outside in a tuff tray or in the bath then the mess isn’t too bad.

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