The Importance of Grooming Your Dog After a Walk

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After taking your dog for a walk, you might think that your pet-based responsibilities are over for the day. Okay, you may feed your dog if they still need more food, but that’s all you’re worried about. In reality, there is one extra thing you should do whenever you take your dog for its final walk of the day. 

That’s right, you need to groom them. Grooming means you give their fur a brush and provide them with a bit of a clean. You don’t have to hose them down – unless they’re super mucky – but you can clean their paws or get rid of other bits of dirt. 

Why is it so important to do this after walking your dog? Well, here are some pretty powerful reasons: 

Grooming keeps your dog clean & healthy

Brushing your dog’s fur can remove a lot of dirt from it. Anyone that’s ever taken their dog on a walk through a forest or other green area will know they love to get messy. Their fur becomes packed full of grass, dirt, leaves and other debris. If you leave this in there, it makes your dog stinky and can lead to possible health problems. 

You see, you’re not just removing dirt and grime; you’re also getting rid of things like ticks or fleas that could be in the fur biting your dog. Each time they go out, they can come back with all sorts of things hidden in their fur – especially if they have a long coat. So, grooming helps you keep them healthy & clean at all times. 

Reduce matted fur

Matted fur doesn’t look like a big issue, but it’s very painful for your dog. Think about it, it’s the equivalent of you having loads of knots in your hair – that would hurt, wouldn’t it?! When your dog goes on walks, fur can become matted because of all the running around and rolling over it does. 

Therefore, you should groom them when they get in to prevent these knots. This is also something that deserves a bit more attention. Taking your furry friend to a dog grooming salon every few months can ensure their fur is trimmed, preventing matting from becoming a frequent issue. 

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Relax your dog and bond with them

Finally, grooming your dog after walks is a brilliant way of helping them relax. Some dogs can still be a bit hyper after a walk, so sitting with them and brushing their fur can be so relaxing. Additionally, you could use CBD treats for dogs to assist in calming them down as well as promoting your dog’s overall well-being. Using both of these techniques can make them become more docile and sleepy, so they’re less likely to continue running around inside. 

As a bonus, grooming is also a wonderful way to bond with your dog. Wild dogs and wolves will often groom one another as members of a pack. This is drilled into a domestic dog’s brain, so when you groom them, they feel safe and looked after. They start to view you as a member of the pack, increasing the bond between you both.

It’s pretty clear that grooming your dog is very beneficial. It doesn’t even take that long; just a few minutes when you come in from your walk. You’ll keep them clean – which protects both the dog and your home – you ensure they stay healthy, you prevent matted fur and you enhance your bond. 

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