The Best Social Media Planner & Tracker

The best social media planner and tracker

A social media planner is an essential piece of kit for any blogger or a small business owner. Just as important as a social media planner is a social media tracker. A social media tracker will give you the space to keep a record of all the interactions that your posts receive. You can then … Read more

Being a small business owner is flipping hard!

Being a small business owner is flipping hard

There’s so much you need to get your head around and outsourcing everything can be prohibitively expensive. There’s so much that you are told you need to be doing to get your business seen, you are also told that you don’t have to do everything all at once. Knowing who to listen to can be … Read more

The basics you will need to write for your business.

The Basics You Need to Write for Your Business.

When you are a small business owner then you will inevitably have to write things for your business. Even if you hate writing you are going to have to do it at some point before you can outsource but the chances are, even when you are outsourcing the bulk of your business writing, you will … Read more

The secret to writing anything for your business.

The Secret to Writing Anything for Your Business.

I want to tell you a secret. A secret that will help you write ANYTHING, yes, I mean ANYTHING, for your business. Writing a blog? This will help you. Writing your website content? This will help. Writing your social media posts? This will help. Writing a newsletter? This will help. Once you have this nailed, … Read more