Signs You Need A New Family Car

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Is it time you upgraded your family car? Below are a few signs that it could be time to look for a new vehicle.

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Your car is no longer safe to drive

Safety is important when driving any vehicle. When you have a family, it’s especially important to not ignore safety issues, as it’s no longer just your life but their life that you’re putting in danger. Some problems affecting safety may be possible to repair. If repairs aren’t possible, then you need to replace the vehicle. Problems to be wary of include random engine shutdowns, steering issues, spongy brakes, frequent overheating issues, high gears that get stuck or untraceable leaks. 

Your car is costing you too much money

Many families operate on a tight budget. If you’re getting into debt over frequent repairs or your car is guzzling too much fuel, it could be time to upgrade it to save some money. A more reliable and fuel-efficient car could be easier to create a budget for. Consider trading in your car at a car dealer in order to invest in something more economical.

There’s not enough passenger space

Most cars are designed to seat five passengers max. If your family has grown beyond this, then you’ll definitely need a new car. If the backseats don’t have a lot of legroom and your kids are getting older and taller, you may also want to consider buying something a little roomier. Switching from a coupe (one door each side) to a saloon (two doors each side) is likely to give you more passenger legroom.

There’s not enough boot space

Having a lot of boot space can also be handy if you’ve got kids. Being able to store a pram in the boot on top of shopping could be necessary for supermarket runs. Meanwhile, if you like to go on holidays in the UK in your car, having space for all your luggage could be important too. If kids are having to travel with shopping bags or suitcases on their laps, this is a sure sign that your boot is too small and you need a new car.

You get embarrassed on the school run

Being proud of your car is important. While you shouldn’t feel compelled to buy a new car with all the latest mod cons just because another parent has one, you may want to consider upgrading your car if it’s in poor visual condition and you’re conscious that it’s starting to get looks from other parents and kids (or worse, your child gets embarrassed when you pick them up in your car). Upgrading to a car in better condition could ultimately make you happier.

The kids have grown up and you no longer need a practical car

If your kids have their own cars or have moved out, you may no longer need a practical family-friendly car. This could be your chance to treat yourself to something more fun such as a Mini or a sports car. Things may change when grandkids come along, but until then you may as well make the most of not having kids to ferry around by buying the car you’ve always wanted.

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