Marketing Clarity Club for Bloggers & Small Business Owners

If you’re a local female-led and family-focused business owner who cares deeply about the impact your business has: the impact on their customers; the impact on our local area and the impact on the wider world and you want to get your marketing under control – then this just might be for you.

This is for you if:

📃 Your marketing to-do list is getting longer no matter how much you cross off 

🤯 You want to learn how to market your business online but you just don’t know where to start

⌛ You don’t have the time or money to invest in loads of different courses that just show you one aspect of your marketing – and we know no one finishes courses, don’t we 😉

🙅‍♀️ You’re not ready to outsource it all to someone else 

📖 You feel a twinge of guilt if you need to take a ‘work’ day off and feel like you should spend that time learning

Are you someone who keeps being told you should be on XXX platform but you have no idea where to even start? Maybe you’re focussing on one platform but those pesky algorithms mean you aren’t getting the results you used to get – then this is especially for you!

If you’re feeling like nothing works, the fear of the unknown is stopping you from trying new advertising techniques and you’re ready to be shown in a no-nonsense way how you can maximise your marketing without investing all your time, then keep reading 👀👀👀

You can now join me for a 6-month training programme – Marketing Clarity Club™– and if you’re reading this, I would love you to be one of them!

Over the last 5 years, I’ve put the time and effort into learning the different aspects and platforms for marketing my own business and shared my experience with other business owners along the way, helping them to build their own success.

Now is the time to bring all that expertise into one place and I am so excited to invite you to join me in the Marketing Clarity Club™!

What I will teach you will work for you if you’ve been in business for over a year and are making some sales. But they’re not quite where you want them to be and you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you think you should be doing.

My clients are already marketing their businesses to a certain extent but know they can do more with the right guidance. I’m not going to make you use platforms you hate or force you to spend all of your precious time and hard-earned money on marketing, what I am going to do is help you work out what works for you and your business. And, most importantly my clients go on to double the eyes on their business in 90 days.

I’m so proud of my clients, and I want the same success for you! 🥂

Now, here are the four most common barriers I see when it comes to business owners aiming to hit that milestone…

  1. Putting all their eggs in one basket: how many times have we seen or heard of businesses failing because the one social media platform they were using has failed them? The algorithm changed and their followers plummeted, their page got hacked or shut down or the platform they were using just disappeared one day – do you remember Google+, Yahoo Answers and Clubhouse?
  2. Talking to everyone: I totally get this, what you sell can benefit so many people so it’s only natural that you’re going to want to tell everyone everything that you do. This can get very confusing for your audience so as scary as it seems, working out who your ultimate dream client is and then talking to them will actually make your messaging much clearer.
  3. Spreading themselves too thin: There are just so many platforms and ways to communicate these days and you will have experts constantly telling you that you have to be using this one and you have to use that one. Rest assured, this is not what is going to happen here. We will go through all of them and you may discover that one you’ve been avoiding is perfect for you and your business but nobody is going to force you to do anything you’re not completely comfortable with.
  4. Self Sabotage: It’s easy to not put yourself out there and take that risk because of the overwhelming fear of what might happen. Those pesky mind monkeys can easily hold you back from achieving your next goal so learning how to tame them is crucial.

During our 6 months together, here are some of the things I’ll be sharing, training and guiding you through to help you achieve your marketing goals:

  1. Ideal Client –  You will work out exactly who you are talking to, what to say to them, where to find them online, when to speak to them and why you’re talking to them.
  2. Mindset – Imposter syndrome happens to the best of us and this can often manifest itself in fear of doing things in case something happens. You will learn how you can get those mind monkeys back in their box so you can unleash your full potential.
  3. Facebook – You will discover the difference between a profile, a page and a group, how to utilise your bios and links to drive people to your business and how to use your analytics to your advantage.
  4. Instagram – You will learn what a reel, a carousel, a tile, hashtags, stories and highlights are, how to utilise your bios and links to drive people to your business and how to use your analytics to your advantage.
  5. LinkedIn – You will master the difference between a profile and a page, get to grips with hashtags and discover the different types of posts that you can use. Our expert will show you how it can benefit your business and explain why it’s not just for job hunting.
  6. TikTok – You will find out that it’s not all about singing and dancing and is certainly not exclusively for youngsters. Our expert will guide you through the best ways to use and more importantly, enjoy TikTok to boost your visibility.
  7. Threads & Twitter/X – This fast-paced social media platform can be quite daunting but our expert will gently guide you through how to quickly and easily use it to benefit your online visibility.
  8. Websites – Online marketing is not all about social media and websites are where you can really take control. You will learn how essential a website is, unlike social media, YOU own the content –  we all remember the panic when our favourite social media platform crashes! This unit will show you all the essential pages that you need to have on your website and explain exactly what SEO means and why it’s so important.
  9. Blogging – Here’s where you’ll really deep dive into SEO and learn how to showcase your expertise to your ideal client. You’ll discover that there’s more to it than writing down your thoughts and hitting publish. Our expert will show you how to get your site showing on the first page of Google. 
  10. Content – All these different platforms and methods of communicating with your ideal clients sounds like a lot of work! We’ll show you how to repurpose and reuse your content to cut down on your marketing time, how to come up with content ideas, exactly what evergreen content is and how to adapt trends to suit your niche.
  11. Pinterest – Did you know that Pinterest is NOT a social media platform? In fact, it’s a search engine and it is absolute gold for driving to your business website. The beauty of Pinterest is that it’s evergreen, even your seasonal content becomes evergreen there because those seasons will keep rolling back around.
  12. Email Marketing – You will learn about why you should build a mailing list (🤫the secret is YOU OWN IT, followers can be lost if pages are shut down so how do you reach people?) You’ll also learn about how to get people to join your list and what to say to them when they’re on it.
  13. Canva – You may have heard of Canva, you may even be using Canva in your business but you will learn just how much it can do, did you know you can not only create in Canva but schedule and print as well?
  14. PR & Media – This is where you will learn how really make yourself stand out as the expert in your niche, you’ll learn how and why to write a press release and how to get in touch with journalists so you can be quoted in local and national press. On the flip side, you’ll learn how to respond to complaints online and deal with criticism – we’ve all heard the expression that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, we’ll show you how you can take ‘bad press’ and use it to your advantage.
  15. Paid Ads – So far, everything you will have learnt is either free or low investment. This is the part where you will learn how to use paid-for adverts such as on social media or Google Ads if you want to and without wasting your money on high-cost, low-return campaigns.

Just imagine what streamlining your marketing would look like for you, how would your life be different? 

Imagine being able to post on social media in a few minutes without spending hours fiddling about with it to make look perfect and then getting tumbleweed. Being able to create one piece of content that you can then repurpose across multiple platforms in a matter of minutes. Getting traffic to your website while you sleep and waking up to new leads and enquiries. Having a clear idea of your messaging so that you can schedule your marketing to carry on doing its thing even while you’re on holiday – I don’t just mean scheduling social media posts!

What would your life look like if your business was growing easily, you were working with absolute dream clients and you didn’t need to worry about money?

👉Now is the time to master your marketing, get your messaging on point and make your life so much easier. Working round the clock is OUT and working when you want to is IN.

Your ideal clients want to use YOUR services. They have money to spend, even in a cost of living crisis! 

There’s never been a better time to master your marketing without outsourcing to others and leaving yourself open to disappointment, after all, who knows your vision better than you?

Within the Marketing Clarity Club programme, I am personally supporting a small group of women who are committed to generating exciting results for themselves. To step up as seasoned marketers and successful business owners.

But…I only want to work with people who believe and are ready to take action, work hard to stop their self-sabotage and adapt the way they work to make this year the game-changing year you want it to be.

I want this commitment from you because I want you to succeed so that I can share your success stories – I want to be celebrating so hard with you and broadcast it for all the world to hear.

I’m ready now! My only question is whether you’re ready too? 

Here’s How It Will Work:

Over our 6 months together, I will be sharing all the best strategies and secrets you need to increase your audience and in turn get conversions to paying customers.

You’ll receive: 

  • Access to the incredible modules for the duration of the programme.
  • Fortnightly group coaching calls where you can ask me any questions & get feedback.
  • Accountability – you’re working with me to create results and I’m not about to let you give up. I’ll be with you every step of the way with weekly accountability check-ins.
  • Access to my exclusive community, where you can connect and get support from other entrepreneurs just like you.

This doesn’t even come close to encompassing everything you get when you sign up for the Marketing Clarity Club™ programme.

All of the strategies that I and my team of experts will guide you through, have the power to initiate profound shifts for you and your business. 

All I ask of you is to spend an hour or two a week learning & implementing!

👉Right now, I’m offering you access to the Marketing Clarity Club™ programme, with 6 months of support from me for only £2,400 split over 6 monthly payments (6 x £400), or take advantage of the pay-in-full offer of a single payment of £2,200. 

So if you’re ready, hit the “I’m In!” button below and I can get the payment link over to you so you can get started.

Oh and by the way…

I know investing is scary – I’ve been there – and it’s true, there is a risk! What if it doesn’t work? What if you don’t get the results? 

So let’s look at the best- and worst-case scenarios: 

Best Case Scenario: Over the 6 months you give up the worries, fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from successfully marketing yourself and in turn, you start achieving your short and medium-term goals and are well on your way to achieving your long-term goals.

Just ONE £5k month more than doubles your investment in this programme and after that, you’re laughing! 🥂

Awesome, right?

So, what happens in the worst case? 

Worst Case Scenario: Maybe the Marketing Clarity Club™ programme doesn’t work for you. I have helped lots of entrepreneurs access their next level of success and achieve their goals, but I know more than most that everyone has their own challenges and ‘stuff’ that can get in the way. In fact, I’ve specifically designed the programme to allow space for ‘stuff’.

In the end, you will have experienced and accessed tools and techniques that are proven to transform businesses and you will have accessed a community of amazing, like-minded entrepreneurs who will support you regardless of what you’re experiencing.

Worst-case doesn’t sound that bad, right? 

So, are you ready to step up to your next level of success? All you have to do is hit the I’M IN button and I’ll see you on the other side!

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