School Children

How to save money on back-to-school shopping

Back-to-school shopping can put a strain on any parent’s budget. As a mom, I understand the challenges of meeting all the school supply needs while still managing to save money. Fear not! In this blog, I’ll share ten additional top tips to help you navigate back-to-school shopping without breaking the bank.

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School Children
  1. Create a Budget-Friendly Shopping List

Start by determining the total amount you can spend on back-to-school purchases. Then, break down the budget into categories like stationery, technology, and uniform.

Make a specific list of the essentials your child will need in the new school year, focusing on priority items to reduce unnecessary spending.

Top tip: Get in touch with your child’s school to request a list of essential items they will need in September, ensuring you buy only what’s necessary. PLUS, be clear on school rules: don’t waste your hard-earned cash on purchasing items that are not required.

  1. Hunt for Deals Online:

Online shopping apps often offer exclusive deals and discounts during the back-to-school season. Take advantage of free shipping, bulk discounts, and limited-time sales to save significantly on your purchases.

Asda currently has a free £5 for downloading and signing into their reward app. Worth checking out if you haven’t done so already!

  1. Stock Up Wisely:

Certain items like polos t-shirts and shirts may be outgrown or worn out quickly, so stock up on them at your local supermarket. Invest in durable items like shoes, trousers, or skirts that can last the entire school year but make sure that you plan for growing room!

  1. Skip the Specialist Stationery Stores:

Avoid pricey speciality stationery stores and head to your local supermarket or discount store instead. They offer affordable pens, pencils, and other school supplies with multi-buy offers and reasonable prices. If you are buying for more than one child, then take full advantage of the bulk buy options – or you could even partner with other parents to ensure that the great deals are shared amongst friends!

  1. Earn Cashback on Purchases:

Consider signing up for cashback programs or apps that offer rebates on your purchases. This way, you can earn a percentage of your spending back and save money over time.

  1. Organise a School Supply Swap:

Collaborate with other parents from your child’s school to organise a school supply swap. Exchange gently used items your children no longer need, which is not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly.

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on social media to find local parenting groups or check Facebook Marketplace for back-to-school bargains.

  1. Spread Out Purchases:

To avoid a huge upfront cost, spread out your back-to-school purchases over the summer. Buy something new once a week or every two weeks leading up to the new term.

  1. Supermarkets:

Look for school uniforms in supermarkets to get quality school uniforms for great prices,  especially if your child’s school allows generic attire.

If your budget allows, shopping for summer clothes at the end of summer or winter clothes at the end of winter can lead to substantial savings.

  1. Label Everything!

Name labels are simple but effective tools in preventing the loss of school items. By labelling each item with your child’s name, you create a clear connection between them and their belongings. This makes it easier for lost items to be returned and avoids unnecessary expenses.

  1. Teach Financial Literacy:

Use back-to-school shopping as an opportunity to teach your child about money management and financial literacy. Discuss the importance of budgeting, smart spending, and saving for future goals.


By applying these ten smart tips, you can make back-to-school shopping a stress-free experience while keeping your finances in check.

Plan ahead, research deals, involve your child in the process, and you’ll not only save money but also teach valuable financial lessons.

Remember, back-to-school shopping can be a positive experience that strengthens your bond with your child and sets them up for a lifetime of financial responsibility.

For more budgeting tips, visit , where you can access free resources to help you take control of your money.

Happy shopping and saving!

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