How To Honour The Memory Of Your Dog

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Nobody wants to think about their pet passing on, but it is something that inevitably happens in every family. Therefore, when it does, it’s nice to find ways to honour their memory – something that will give you peace of mind and, perhaps, help you move on. Here’s what to do:

Hold A Memorial Service

If your dog passes away, it can help to hold a memorial as a way to say goodbye. This provides you and other people who know your pet the space they need to mourn. It’s also a time for everyone to come together and share their grief with each other. 

Set Up A Memorial Plaque In Your Home

You can also set up a permanent memorial plaque in your home to remind you of your dog when the time comes. These can be custom-made and even feature a printed picture of your dog if you feel that that would be appropriate. Typically, people state the name of the animal, the date of birth, the date of death, and a special message or phrase that sums up the type of pet they were. 

Adorn Their Resting Place

Many owners set up grave markers for pets. These are permanent reminders of the dog’s life, including how long they lived, their name and other special messages. They’re similar to a regular gravestone that you might have in a regular cemetery. 

Create Your Own Scrapbook

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If you want to look back at your dog’s life with fond memories, it can be helpful to create a scrapbook. This contains mementoes and pictures that reflect the life of your pet and what they meant to you. You might also want to write special messages or poems that sum up the life of the animal and what it meant to you. This gives you a chance to be creative and can also be a wonderfully cathartic experience, allowing you to process what’s happened. 

Keep A Symbol Of Them

Another idea is to keep a symbol of your dog or set up a shrine. This is similar to a scrapbook, except you’re not confining the memories of your pet to a booklet. Shrines can take whatever form you like, but usually have a picture of the dog’s face as the central feature, and then surrounded by other charms and lucky objects. 

Donate To A Pet Charity

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You can’t always do a great deal about the passing of your pet. However, you can help other dogs in need by donating to charity. You might consider, for instance, sending a tax-free gift to your local shelter, rescue centre or humane society committed to reducing canine suffering. 


Lastly, if you want to do more than just give money, you might consider volunteering. Getting involved with animal wellbeing can be a great way to honour their memory and do something for the good of other creatures. 

So there you have it: some of the ways that you can honour the memory of your dog. Which will you try?

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