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With life getting a lot more hectic recently following the Dinosaur’s leukaemia diagnosis, mealtimes have taken a bit of a battering lately. Finding the time and energy to plan meals, go to the shops and prepare and cook a healthy meal whilst juggling multiple hospital appointments for the Dinosaur and school runs, clubs and parents’ evenings for the Unicorn has been challenging to say the least. After being disappointed by Hello Fresh (read my review of that here), I decided to give Gousto a try. Here is what I thought of a Gousto meal box.

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Ordering Your Gousto Box

Ordering a Gousto Box was as easy as pie. Simply head to the app or website, select the box size that you want (2-person or Family box for 4-5 people), choose the date and time slot you want it delivered, make sure your delivery address is correct and then you can scroll through over 60 recipes. You can even filter by dietary requirement or speed of cooking or preparation to make it easier to find what you want. Most of the recipes allow you to swap the meat for fish or a vegetarian option as well.

Gousto Packaging & Delivery

I was really impressed when my box arrived. The food was all carefully packaged and labelled so it was easy to see which recipe card went with which set of ingredients. All the packaging was intact and the chilled things were in a separate section of the box with an ice pack that could be reused or melted and used to water plants.

Gousto Box Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients was fantastic and I was incredibly impressed with the length of the dates on things, particularly the chicken which can quickly go off. The portion sizes were brilliant the fresh produce was in pristine condition, a far cry from my experience with the Hello Fresh box.

Ease of Use

The recipe cards were incredibly easy to follow and the recipes were simple yet interesting and delicious. You can also use the app to follow the recipe and it will display one step per screen with clear photos to show you what things should look like. In all honesty, I think the Hello Fresh app is better as it lets you start a timer within the app and you can activate voice control so that you can get to the next step without touching your device with dirty hands. Having said that, the superior Hello Fresh app isn’t enough to make me walk away from Gousto.

The Taste Test

Wow! The meals we enjoyed were delicious and we will definitely be making them again. The ingredients were so fresh and that came through in the dishes. I was particularly impressed with the portion sizes, I didn’t feel like we were skimping with these and at the same time, I didn’t feel like we were wasting food by cooking too much either.

The Verdict

Would I buy a Gousto box again? Absolutely! We loved all the meals and just thinking about them is making my mouth water. They were so quick and easy to make and were perfect for the days when we just didn’t want to think about cooking.

I highly recommend that you give them a try and to make that even easier, if you use this link you will get 60% off your first box (you can cancel at any time)!

This is an affiliate link, if you sign up using this link then I will get credit towards my own boxes at no additional cost to you.

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