2 Years Of Blog Topics For Small Business Owners

Download The Blog Topics For Small Business Owners Guide to discover:

🔥Easy to follow prompts to get you started with your blogging

 🔥Examples of how and why these prompts will demonstrate your expertise

 🔥24 topic suggestions so you can use one a month for TWO YEARS

PLUS…Access to a FREE 30-minute blog audit

Nikki Knight - The Writing for Business Lady

Who is Nikki Knight?

A blogger, author, childhood cancer campaigner, Dean Radio host and digital marketing expert.

As a blogger, digital marketing expert AND mum to two young children, I am passionate about helping women like you unlock their marketing potential through simple, adjustments to how they work, all while balancing everything life throws at us.

Over the last 18 months, I have:

  • Transformed my blog from less than 100 views a month to consistent 1-2k views a month!
  • Helped clients learn the basic foundations of blogging so they get it right from the very beginning
  • Spoken at training days both in person and online about the benefits of blogging for business
  • Appeared on BBC Radio Gloucester as a blogging expert
  • Invested consistently in my own personal and professional development

My commitment to my own growth ensures I continue to provide you with the best level of development

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