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A Guide To Healthy Eating On-the-Go

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be challenging to prioritise healthy eating. With busy schedules and limited time, many of us resort to convenient but often unhealthy options. However, with a little planning and preparation, it is possible to keep a healthy diet even when you’re rushing about. So, how can you keep eating healthy when on the go?

1. Plan Ahead:

Plan your meals and snacks in advance. Set aside some time each week to create a menu, make a shopping list, and prepare grab-and-go items. This preparation will not only save you time but also encourage healthier choices.

2. Pack Portable Snacks:

Stock up on foods that are easy to carry around. Foods like fresh fruit like apples or bananas, cut vegetables with houmous, individual portions of Greek yoghurt, or homemade energy bars. Having these wholesome snacks readily available will curb your cravings and prevent you from indulging in unhealthy alternatives. Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts and cashews are also convenient and portable but even better, they are fantastic sources of healthy fats and protein. If you like peanut butter, you could spread it on apples or celery.

Surprisingly, popcorn is considered as a healthy snack. It is a good source of fibre but make sure you buy plain varieties.

You could also drink protein drinks but check the sugar content.

Another tasty snack is roasted chickpeas. Dry them out on paper towels, drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil and roast them in an oven set at 200°C for about 20-30 minutes depending on your oven. You can also add your favourite spices to them. Paprika is particularly tasty!

3. Choose Whole Foods:

When choosing meals on the go, aim for whole-food options as opposed to processed or fast-food items. Instead of grabbing a pre-packaged sandwich, make a salad with lean protein, such as grilled chicken or tofu. If you do decide to buy a sandwich, be careful of choosing those with mayonnaise because of the fat content.

Wholegrain wraps or sandwiches with plenty of colourful vegetables are also excellent choices. If you find yourself at a fast-food restaurant, look for healthier alternatives like grilled chicken or veggie burgers with a side salad or steamed vegetables.

4. Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is essential for your overall health and well-being. While on the go, it can be tempting to consume sugary drinks, including the sugar that you add to your coffee and tea. So, you could carry around with you water in a reusable bottle and why not try herbal teas? Remember staying hydrated will help to control your hunger pangs and improve your overall digestion.

5. Use Travel-Sized Containers:

Invest in a set of travel-sized containers to conveniently portion out your meals and snacks. You can pack salads with separate containers for dressings, overnight oats for breakfast, or homemade soups. These containers not only make it easier to grab a healthy meal on the go but also help to control your portion sizes.

6. Make Smart Choices at Restaurants:

When eating out or grabbing food from a restaurant, make conscious choices. Go for dishes that are steamed, grilled, or baked rather than fried. Choose salads or vegetable-based meals as your main course and substitute high-calorie dressings or sauces with lighter options on the side. Ask for your food to be cooked with less oil or butter.

Avoid buying pies, sausage rolls, pasties etc. because they are high in saturated fat.

Remember that a balanced diet is essential for overall well-being, and with a bit of preparation, you can achieve healthy eating no matter how busy your schedule may be.

This is a guest post by Rachel of Jasperden Health. Rachel is a former nurse and couch potato. Now a runner and cat slave, she is passionate about helping others to enjoy a healthy life. Oh, she writes about food, a lot!

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